Fall 2017 Update:  Check out Cats For Inclusion on Twitter!

Cats for Inclusion Kick-Off Flyer – 9.18.17

Thanks for visiting our page! We are the Cats for Inclusion Campaign, a group founded at Kansas State University during the Fall of 2015, which seeks to advance anti-racism and anti-oppression through education, civic action, and accountability.

Worksession 1

Our journey began with a partnership between Black Student Union and a leadership course at Kansas State. We all shared a common interest in finding ways to combat racial inequality and prejudice both on our campus and in our community through anti-racist and anti-oppression analysis and action. The primary means by which we seek to do this is by raising awareness, advocating, and maintain channels of accountability. We engage students in deep reflection and conversation, seeking to let their responses and ideas guide us to action and dismantle institutionalized forms of racism and oppression. Our webpage provides resources to support personal learning and grow.

Thanks again for visiting our page, and we hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


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