Research / Statistics

Methodology Used To Analyze Internal Data:

For the Stories of Self:  During the community discussions our LEAD 405 class and the BSU held, we collected data on personal experiences the participants had gone through. We read through all of the stories and categorized them to build a better understanding. The categories that were created were Social Media, International Students, Racism, Awareness, and K-State community. Sub-categories were also created to further divide the data collected. The information collected in the document below provides a look into the personal experiences of K-State students.

For the Story of Now:  During the community discussions, data was also collected on ideas of interventions, also called the Story of Now, to make progress toward change on K-State’s campus. Our LEAD 405 class first looked at each written sheet of ideas collected at the discussions and made observations of the general ideas of the Stories of Now. After that we made interpretations of the data by providing conflictual ideas about the Stories of Now. At the end of the class process, we wrote down the main interventions provided by each sheet. We created a document that summarized this information from each sheet while also providing a look at what we found to be the top three interventions for change.


External Links for Additional Research:




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