Canvas of Diversity Mural

The Canvas of Diversity Mural Initiative aims to turn the K-State Student Union construction zone into a place for campus expression multiculturalism, anti-oppression, and social justice.

The goal is to turn blank sheetrock space into a mural of art, discussion, and education for K-State students and the surrounding community. Artistic submissions of all types (writing, film, paint, pencil, mixed media, etc.) are currently being accepted by organizers, so check out the flyer below for details!
Submissions will be collected outside the MSO office in the Student Union February 12th at 1pm to 5pm, artists will be notified of acceptance the following week, and artists with the most effective pieces will be announced as winners at the exhibit’s opening on February 29th. Keep checking back for updates!

Artists will also be required to complete an exhibition agreement form when they submit their work on February 12. Artists are also required to bring an “artists intent” statement that describes the significance and meaning of their artwork as it relates to multicultural learning, muticulturalism, and the Cats for Inclusion Campaign generally. These statements will be attached to the exhibition agreement and associated with artists’ work when posted to the Cats for Inclusion website. See below for agreement.

Canvas of Diversity – Exhibition Agreement

Canvas of Diversity Flyer