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Spring 2018

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Fall 2017 Update

Fall 2017 Kick Off

This year Cats for Inclusion kick-ed off their fall campaign with an event designed to build community among individuals and organizations working towards a more inclusive campus.

Read more about this event: K-State Collegian Story

Cats for Inclusion Kick-Off Flyer - 9.18.17

Leadership Dialogue for Freshman

This year we introduced ncluding a new Cats for Inclusion event this brought together over 350 first-year students (including many from LEAD 212: Introduction to Leadership Concepts) and 60 facilitators (made up of faculty and upper-level students) for a dialogue which resulted in powerful storytelling that helped promote understanding and begin a conversation around how they can help foster an inclusive learning environment starting with their very first semester.

LEAD 212 - Cats for Inclusion Dialoge -Sept 25

Manhattan Conversation on Race Reconciliation

This semester we also extended our engagement in the community through a partnership with the Manhattan Committee on Race Reconciliation. Race reconciliation is a commitment to build cross-cultural relationships that result in peace, unity and understanding.

On October 30, 2017 the Conversation on Race Reconciliation created a space to discuss community perspectives regarding the status of race relations in Manhattan. The program format was an open public forum; including a diverse community panel, small group discussion, and a social networking component. Members of the Cats for Inclusion team supported this event as part of the event set-up team and note-takers for the dialogue.

Check out more information and pictures from this event here:

MHK Race Reconcilation Poster


Members of Cats for Inclusion served in a variety of volunteer roles supporting the historic KSUnite Event. Several of our team co-facilitated a session called: Planning Wildcat Dialogues – Envisioning Meaningful Conversations to Create a More Inclusive Community. Nearly 50 participants discussed strategies and challenges for having conversations on race/inclusion with our friends and colleagues, in our organizations, and through campus-wide events like Cats for Inclusion.

A follow up event is planned on Monday, December 4 at 5:30 pm, Staley School Town Hall. Click here to RSVP.

KSUnite Wildcat Dialogues



Fall 2016 Update: This webpage was developed by students in the Fall 2015 section of LEAD 405: Leadership in Practice at the Staley School of Leadership Studies at Kansas State University. Since the establishment of Cats For Inclusion, multiple sections of LEAD 405—in addition to the individuals and community partners they helped mobilize—have taken up this Campaign as a way to exercise leadership at K-State. See a list of the events coming up in the fall of 2016 on the flyer below or check out Cats For Inclusion on Twitter!

Cats for Inclusion | Fall 2016 Events

Cats for Inclusion is hosting a series of public discussions and civic leadership training events throughout the fall of 2016.

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